We are always looking for enthusiastic Journalists and General Members to join our team. Please check out our Initiatives to find out more about what you are interested in, and contact us at organadvocacy@gmail.com to see how you can get involved.


Journalists are at the core of our Compassion Journalism initiative. Journalists identify potential interviewees, develop questions, and set up interviews. After completing the interview, Journalists publish a summary and/or analysis of the findings to share on our website.

General Members

Our General Members are key to the success of our initiatives. They plan and run the logistics of our events by sharing ideas at meetings and volunteering at the events. They will be notified by email of upcoming opportunities and Journalism pieces. We are planning more initiatives for the future, and General Members will be the first to be notified on how to get involved.

Executive Team

If you are interested in joining the OAI Executive Team, please email us to find out which roles are available.