Hailey Cheema

Interviewed by Sanya Grover Hailey Cheema has been an organ advocate in Surrey, BC since 2012. Her efforts in pioneering youth stakeholder advocacy has led her to be appointed as the National Youth Governance Delegate for The Kidney Foundation of Canada. She is the younger in the organization’s 55 years to have been appointed to … Continue reading Hailey Cheema

Dr. Aviva Goldberg: Part 1

Interviewed by Saad Ahmed, Hannah He, Syed Alifer Zaidi Dr. Aviva Goldberg is a pediatric nephrologist, and director of the Canadian Society of Transplantation and chair of Transplant Manitoba's kidney allocation review committee.  Dr. Aviva Goldberg generously discussed the impact of kidney transplantation on a child's life and development, and the distinction of pediatric organ … Continue reading Dr. Aviva Goldberg: Part 1