Dr. Aviva Goldberg: Part 1

Interviewed by Saad Ahmed, Hannah He, Syed Alifer Zaidi Dr. Aviva Goldberg is a pediatric nephrologist, and director of the Canadian Society of Transplantation and chair of Transplant Manitoba's kidney allocation review committee.  Dr. Aviva Goldberg generously discussed the impact of kidney transplantation on a child's life and development, and the distinction of pediatric organ … Continue reading Dr. Aviva Goldberg: Part 1

Ruth Evans

Interviewed by: Harry Wang Ruth Evans is a broadcast journalist and filmmaker currently working for BBC in London, United Kingdom. Her article ‘Pakistani police rescue 24 from organ trafficking gang’ published on BBC News offers compelling first-hand accounts of illegal organ trafficking and transplant tourism. She emphasizes how the organ trade, something that is perceived … Continue reading Ruth Evans

Leon Lee – Part 2

Interviewed by: Abdullah Haroon and Vienna Mazzoli McMaster Chapter Leon Lee is a Canadian filmmaker and director of the 2014 documentary, Human Harvest. This film follows David Kilgour and David Matas, two Canadian Nobel Peace Prize nominees, throughout their investigation of forced organ harvesting occurring in state-run hospitals in China. Tens of thousands prisoners of … Continue reading Leon Lee – Part 2