Leon Lee – Part 1

Interviewed by: Abdullah Haroon and Vienna Mazzoli McMaster Chapter Leon Lee is a Canadian filmmaker and director of the 2014 documentary, Human Harvest. This film follows David Kilgour and David Matas, two Canadian Nobel Peace Prize nominees, throughout their investigation of forced organ harvesting occurring in state-run hospitals in China. Tens of thousands prisoners of … Continue reading Leon Lee – Part 1

Dr. Bruce Wainman – Part 2

Interviewed by Kevin Chen, Alexander Mastrolonardo, and Grace Lee McMaster Chapter Dr. Bruce Wainman is the director of the Education Program in Anatomy at McMaster University and the McMaster Surgical Skills Lab. He has begun to work with the Trillium Gift of Life network to facilitate a new program allowing those ineligible to donate their … Continue reading Dr. Bruce Wainman – Part 2

Simcha Jacobovici

Interviewed by: Jae Lee, Harry Wang, Kevin Zhao, and Daniel Cui McMaster Chapter Simcha Jacobovici is a New York Times bestselling author and three-time Emmy award winning Israeli-Canadian investigative journalist and filmmaker. His film, Tales of the Organ Trade (2013), explores the underground kidney trade that permeates medical care throughout the world. We had the … Continue reading Simcha Jacobovici